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till the madness quiets

an empty canvas is almost as artistic

as an idle mind

as unpleasant as an empty well

unfamiliar like warm winters

the truth is turning off the racing thoughts in my mind is the most burdensome task

I’ve ever sustained

It is unheard of

like a fish living out of water

after a while you learn to cope

whether you find solace

at the end of the glass bottle,

or the scars that symbolize

the battlefields in your mind

screaming till your last breath

does you no good darling

your voice is muffled

& you’re under water

the more they tell you you’ll be okay

the more you sink

into the depths of the sea

they tell you to be audacious,

bold, valiant

& yet whenever they hear you speak

they hush you as if you were a crying child

let me remind you

you are not too loud

don’t let them minimize you into a speck of dust when you my darling,

are the whole freaking sun

If you’re going to survive

you must stop breaking yourself off and giving pieces to those that are starving and greedy

for they will leave you like a vacant city in a ghost town

so how do you silence the thoughts you might ask?

you don’t.

your dreams bloom from your thoughts

your creativity, and brilliance will not be dashed or divided into a million pieces

for you are too woman, too whole

to let this thing hold you hostage

let yourself experience an unwavering feeling of freedom

& I promise, the morning light will bring peace

-an excerpt from a stray’s journal



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