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Updated: Jul 13, 2019

This concept of time is a tricky one. Do you ever get to a point in your life where you’re wishing you could pick up a remote and fast-forward? Being in the city this week made me realize just how fast life is moving. I met a man from Queens today and he spoke about how he feels as if there’s no place like New York City. He told me about the fact that his wife wanted to move to the West Coast a couple of years ago. They visited California and immediately realized they just didn’t fit in. Everything and everyone was moving slower. He told me a New Yorker could never get accustomed to living anywhere else. I laughed at that remark. Primarily because that is a bunch of crap. My serene, calm and steady spirit is too slow for the City that never sleeps. I made a realization this past week — I could visit the city, but never in a million years move back. (Unless God has other plans that is.) When I turned 18 years old I packed all of my things and moved back to the City with about $600 in my pocket. I was determined to make it. To leave Florida and never look back. Possibly to work in retail until I was discovered as a famous writer. Maybe to write my own novel someday. Well, I am a couple of weeks shy from my 23rd birthday and I’ve met a new passion: Medicine. While I love writing and will continue to do so for as long as the Lord says, I’m excited to work with my hands to possibly bring some kind of healing to others. Whether it’s spiritual or physically. Nurture, comfort, hope, a ray of sunshine is who I am. It’s funny how time is the answer to many of our self-reflective questions. Benjamin Franklin once said, “you may delay, but time will not.”

Circumstances can change drastically in a year. What you’re waiting for today can come knocking on your door tomorrow, Will you be ready for a change? Or will you live your life unwelcoming it? You know, in my life part of trusting God with my future was surrendering my past and present to him. Welcoming the unknown with open arms. It’s a lot like getting into a car without knowing where the destination lies ahead but trusting that your parent will bring you to a Safe Haven. What happens if you’re still waiting on God to deliver a promise that he made you five years ago? You stay on the path of the ‘wait.’ You open your heart to the possibility that God is trying to change something on the inside of you. Could that be your faith in the unseen? Your character? Or maybe it’s not so complex. It’s simply because you’re not ready to receive the promise he made you. And that’s okay. Time is a tricky thing, friend. However trusting in the Lord, waiting in His perfect timing for your life always pays off in the end. Let him drive you to your destination. Embrace change. After all, time is constantly moving. Will you move with it?



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