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your smile, reminds me of little rays of sunshine 

loosing myself in your eyes, from the first moment I stared into them,

as the sun was reflecting

a splash of hazel,

was intoxicating

the initial exchange of words, the force pulling us together was so tangible 

that I’d forgotten we were in a crowded place

you’re the only one I see

as the wind blew through my hair, 

I looked up at the stars

they were brighter that night,

than I’d seen in a long time 

you invaded my dreams


Inundated my thoughts

I waited for you

praying you felt the same

I have to let you go

my heart aching, as I suppressed — the feeling

“he’s not yours to begin with.” “He’s not yours to begin with.” I whispered to my soul.

we’ll have our time some day,

until then, I’ll set you free

fly long, fly high

my darling

you never belonged to me

 - afterword from your secret admirer 


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