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I came across your name today 

My heart came to a halt

Abruptly my conscious was not my own

My skeleton was on stand-still

Breathing was no longer an alternative 

It was a paradox 

The way I yearned for you

Was unholy 

And yet your body was my nirvana 

I died for you 

And while you abandoned me

I was buried in your addiction 

To destroy yourself and everyone in your pathway 

You let me die, kissed my forehead, and pulled the trigger

I saw your face one last time 

You were astray, wasted, neglected

Perhaps my dear, you were the lifeless one

Ironically my kryptonite

Filled me with venom, intoxicated and clouded my vision, possessed me whole,

It wasn’t until I was strong enough to withdraw myself, and unlatched from your grasp

That I was able to see the light 

-letting go meant loving myself 


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