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For your Maker is your husband— the Lord Almighty is his name— the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all the earth."

- Isaiah 54:5

March 4th, I wrote you vows, Lord. And I wore a white dress. I was baptized in waters to declare to the world my covenant with you. It was a symbol of my love for you. It was significant to me, a day I will never forget. However in this journey I’ve realized that my love for you can never amount to your love for me. I feel so undeserving of your grace, most days. And although I was born into this world a sinner, you’ve cleaned me. You’ve brought me out of the darkness into the light. I don’t ever want to leave your presence. For without you, there’s no reason. You're my reason. This covenant is one I could never break. I pray Lord, that as the days turn to months, and the months to years, that your presence never leaves me. Keep my fire burning, keep my spirit yearning. Stay with me for the rest of my days.

“Do not cast me from your presence or take your Holy Spirit from me.” Psalm 51:11

You walk hand in hand with me.

You never forsake me.

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