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abandoned I was

deserted in my own type of desert,

accustomed to my despair,

forlorn, the taste was all but too common on my lips

I yearned

to find comfort in a human

all because it was an emotion I was deprived of as a child


was what I wanted to feel in arms that held me


from the evils and wrongs of persons


In words that served like roses to my self-esteem


in a man who would carry the weight of the world for me


In a love that would surpass all relationships

you, my king, I, your princess


in a home where I would always come to you

with my wretched soul once the world shattered my spirit

and when my light was dim from the suffocation


I believed to find

you were the radiant sun, the warmth on my pale skin

the refreshing rain through my dessert

you sought me out of darkness and positioned me in the dwelling place

at your feet

you directed my gaze towards you


saw past my wickedness


saw my combat scars

you kissed them

Incomprehensible to me

all those years I tried to put myself back together

however your tears exhibited inexhaustible grace

all that time you patiently waited for me to determine I had been distanced from home for far too long

and when the agony was much to bear

you sought me out in my desperation

grasped me and brought me to the palace to dine with the highest king

“my princess, you are.”

you placed a crown of roses on my head

you walked me into the light

held my hand

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past… I am making a way in the wilderness

and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:18

‘-Abba’ p.n.c



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