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As a child, writing was always a way to escape. Some kids watched movies, or went for a walk in the park. I chose to bury my nose in novels and would lose myself in the context. I unintentionally started writing short stories in the third grade. My teachers would always encourage me to submit my work and although I was compelled with fear, I presented my first writing piece about a little boy who went on a train to look for his family and ended up lost. How ironic. How deep for a third grader right? I think now the story is more relevant than it ever was. See, I think we're all pretty lost. We're lost in our identity, lost in our fears, lost in the past, and lost in our failures. I believe we're all honestly seeking a home; a place of acceptance. I was that little girl lost in the rhythm of the train, until I found solace in my Savior's eyes. Finding love, knowing how unworthy I am of it, knowing that His love for me can see past my shame, insecurities, and pain. Friend, I invite you. Seek shelter, find refuge in Him. He wants to fill the void. This is my journey. Welcome to Letters to Christ.


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